Community is the new frontier.

The journey to cohousing is no small challenge, but we are prepared to help you navigate the path.

In the quest for quality of life in the 21st century, resilient, sustainable communities are the cutting edge.  Cohousing is a form of community that offers a simpler, greener, more sharing way of life. A place where you can engage with your neighbors, rely on them, and build rich, enduring relationships linked to where you live. You can be part of creating a cohousing community.

Why Cohousing?

  • Creating resilient, sustainable communities
  • Living simpler and greener
  • Building rich, enduring relationships

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We offer experienced guidance through the cohousing community development process from start to finish.
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We are long-term cohousers with the professional knowledge and skills to support you in creating your community.
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Every budding cohousing group is different — We’ll develop a strategy that works for you.


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